Writers Radio

"a welcome invitation to deep listening"

Writers Radio is a rare collaborative, creative gem.

This is the weekend for listening to the current episode (length: 23 minutes). It serves as an introduction to a six part series of the authors reading excerpts from Whiteness Is Not an Ancestor: Essays on Life and Lineage by white Women. Here’s an email from a listener we received this week:

“Such a fantastic episode! I loved everything about it. Ingrid, you asked such beautiful expansive questions. You are thoughtful and deep in your listening. I have heard Lisa interviewed a few times and was struck by the depth of her answers to your natural curiosity. Gary, your music, oh, it is so rich and beautiful. Lisa, such a powerful excerpt to read. The pacing of talk and dance between the music and the words, a welcome invitation to deep listening. Thank you all.”


Last week’s Guardian’s article The invention of whiteness: the long history of a dangerous idea is a great companion piece to this Writers Radio series.

Thanks for spreading the word.