on this Thanksgiving

June 2021

Resist minimizing the power of acknowledging what is. These truth telling women remind us this weekend on Writers Radio. Both read excerpts from their…

May 2021

Time Sensitive
"a welcome invitation to deep listening"

March 2021

This photo was sent to me by a friend out on a walk last night. This church is in Minneapolis. Two miles from where George Floyd was murdered on May 25…

February 2021

Hugo House
February 8, 2021. It’s Impeachment Eve. There’s got to be a better way to get together during a pandemic than coups and impeachments. Speaking of…

January 2021

Belonging, republicans, and whiteness
How to be motivated by the challenges we face? By listening to Amanda Gorman. We will not be turned around or interrupted by intimidation because we…
Trauma is an experience of threat to safety and survival. Threat activates fight, flight, freeze in the amygdala of the limbic brain in our animal body…
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